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Hey friends! How are you guys doing these days? I cannot believe we’re more than a week into September right now. My mind is blown and yet, at the same time, I’m feeling more than ready for all the fall things. Bring on apple picking, oatmeal apple crisp, pumpkin everything and cooler temperatures! Have you guys decorated for fall yet? I typically like to hold off until closer to October so it’s not on my radar at the moment (and, um, things feel crazy enough over here right now) but I’m looking forward to making things look a little festive in our home in the coming weeks. I lit my first fall candle as I sat down at my computer this morning so at least that’s something!

As for the weekend ahead, we don’t have too much on the agenda. We’re planning to celebrate the third birthday of one of the boys’ friends (they’re doing a super small “fishing party” with two families outside at a local stream) but other than that, our calendar is clear and wide open for plenty of time at home as we continue to ease into life with three kiddos.

And speaking of kiddos, Rhett’s due date came and went on Wednesday!

(The cars and trucks in the corner of this pic were courtesy of Ryder.) 

I can’t believe my little August baby was supposed to arrive only a few days ago. He’s just the sweetest little thing and already seems so much more awake and alert than he did when he was born less than two weeks ago. He is also adjusting rather well to life as a little brother…

Thankfully Chase’s concerts are somehow quite amusing to him!

And he even lets Ryder hold him for a while as Ryder gently touches his nose, eyelids, “little hair” and “little toes” and tells us all about his little brother. Ryder also thinks Rhett needs to eat all the time and is constantly telling me “MOM! Baby Whett milk!” because apparently right now he just associates his little brother with hours and hours of nursing. (He’s not wrong.)

Next week I’m hoping to get a few more blog posts up beginning with a recap of our weekend on the blog on Monday but until then, let’s dive into the usual roundup of weekly favorites I share on Fridays around here, shall we?

Things I’m Loving Friday

  • Back to School for the Big Kids

(Some pretty snazzy dance moves took over after I got my obligatory first-day-of-school sign pics.) 

On Tuesday morning, some semblance of a routine popped up for our family as Chase and Ryder had their first day of preschool! They’re doing a staggered start so Ryder only went one day this week and Chase only went two but it was still so, so nice to have some normalcy find its way into our lives again. The boys were both so excited and I’m happy to report that Ryder walked into his classroom with no tears and emerged after his half-day at school with a big smile on his face! Victory!!! We knew Chase would be just fine since he’s been obsessed with school ever since he was two and Ryan and I loved chatting with the boys about their big day over frozen custard after we picked them up four hours later.

Chase Julie

I haven’t taken my asymmetrical heart necklace off in weeks so I figured that means it warrants a spot on my Things I’m Loving Friday list of favs, right? I actually received a bunch of DMs about this necklace after Rhett was born when I shared videos of us together in the hospital on Instagram and I was wearing it but I’ve been so behind on my DMs lately that I’m hoping this will put an end to the mystery of the necklace for some of you until I have the chance to respond directly! It’s a delicate gold plated necklace that seems to go with everything (even a hospital gown – ha!) and I’ve worn it in the shower a bunch of times and haven’t noticed it losing its luster in the least. I love the feminine look of the necklace and the sweet little hearts make me smile.

The Lions of Fifth Avenue was a blog reader recommendation and it was a great read! I don’t think I’ve read anything by Fiona Davis in the past but that is going to change after flying through The Lions of Fifth Avenue because I enjoyed her writing style and the premise of this novel. The book follows the lives of two women, Laura Lyons, an aspiring journalist married to the superintendent of the New York Public Library in 1913 , and Sadie Donovan, a curator at the New York Public Library determined to get to the bottom of the books, manuscripts and notes that continue to disappear from the library in 1993.

Laura lives in the library’s apartment with her husband and two children and embarks on a journey of self-discovery after she is accepted into the journalism school at Columbia University and attends a club meeting led by radical feminists who openly discuss topics ranging from birth control to women’s rights. Her journey may lead her to living a life of truth but is that worth risking everything she’s ever known and loved?

Fast forward 80 years and Sadie is tasked with her dream job as curator of the library’s famous Berg Collection but quickly finds herself in the middle of a mystery as valuable and irreplaceable books and manuscripts begin to disappear from the collection. She begins working with a private detective to try to solve the mystery but soon discovers her personal connection to the famous essayist Laura Lyons may not be a positive thing after all, as her grandmother may have been linked to the disappearance of books from the library 80 years prior… as well as one of the biggest tragedies ever to take place within the famous library’s walls.

As part of my mom’s birthday present this year, I gave her a cute pair of Stars Above pajamas from Target that caught my eye. They felt incredibly soft and the pattern on the pajamas seemed like something she would like. Well, apparently they were a big-time hit because she loved them and ended up gifting me the same pair to wear after Rhett was born. They’re perfect nursing pajamas (button-down front and very flowy/forgiving) and remind me a lot of the Nordstrom pajamas I love so much. (Note: I think the Nordstrom pajamas hold up better in the wash — they don’t fade and the Target ones do fade a tiny bit after a few washes but they’re less than half the price of the Nordstrom pjs sooo that’s a win.) The Stars Above pajamas are also available in a bunch of different colors, patterns and lengths and I have a feeling this won’t be my last pair of pajamas by this brand! I’m already eyeing this animal print set!

This show has officially become my go-to nursing show in the early days of newborn baby life. (With Chase I was all about Grey’s Anatomy — I had never even seen a single episode before he was born and got so into it! — and with Ryder I loved Heart of Dixie.) Selling Sunset is totally mindless television but I love the way it incorporates luxury real estate in with all of the reality TV drama because who doesn’t love  getting a sneak peek inside ridiculous homes?! I also like that the episodes aren’t crazy-long (most are around 35 minutes) so I can squeeze a show in here and there when I’m nursing Ryder and the boys are in bed or at preschool. I told Ryan I almost forgot that breastfeeding is a two-handed job for a while in the beginning (squeezing, helping baby latch, keeping them nursing, etc.) so having a go-to show to flip on as we settle in on the couch together feels like a treat.

Sheet Pan Paleo Salmon (Everything you need for a delicious dinner on one pan!)

Tabata Workout (Inspired by a workout I loved in NYC, this tabata workout is a serious sweat fest!)

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