Ryan Reynolds Got Tested For Coronavrius

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“Deep enough to tickle your childhood memories.”

The 43-year-old star is set to resume filming on Netflix’s Red Notice, but had to do just one little thing first — get tested for COVID-19.

.@SevenBucksProd is passionate about sharing stories that resonate globally & appeal cross-culturally. We keep our audience in the room with us every step of the way & @Netflix is the ideal home for our #RedNotice!

The heist thriller follows an INTERPOL agent (Dwayne Johnson) who tracks down the world’s greatest art thief (Gal Gadot). Ryan Reynolds will play a con-man.

Ryan shared some photos of the experience on Instagram, courtesy of Blake Lively, and wrote the most Ryan Reynoldsy caption to accompany them.

“Back to work on #RedNotice,” he wrote. “The Covid Test is quick and easy. The doctor places the swab up your nose, just deep enough to tickle your childhood memories and then it’s over.”

“No matter what you say to him, he won’t buy you dinner first.”

The Deadpool actor isn’t the only one that got tested. His costar Gal Gadot did, too. “Getting ready to head back to the Red Notice set💃🏻, but prep looks a little different now 😳#staysafe,” she wrote on Instagram.

And just last week, he revealed that he and his family had all tested positive for COVID-19. Not sure if he’s back on set too, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he needed a little extra time before getting back to work, even though he said that he’s “on the other end of it” and no longer contagious.

All I do know is that I’m very excited to see this movie, and I hope everyone involved in its production stays healthy and safe!

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