Benefit’s Hoola Matte Bronzer — Editor Review

Intimidation, mainly, was why I gravitated towards a simple mascara-and-bronzer look all throughout high school and college. That being said, one thing that has not changed in my ever-evolving makeup routine is Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer

The word matte was my initial draw toward the unique packaging on the Sephora floor (I long for the days when in-store product sampling still existed). With my olive-tone complexion, the matte finish was a perfect complement, bringing definition and shape to my cheekbones. But little did I know, this bronzer can do a whole lot more than that.

As I experimented with makeup more, the versatility of this bronzer seemed to expand along with my techniques. I saw a use for it on points of my face I had once left bare, knowing a fluffy brush (I prefer a softer brush than the compact powder brush included in the Hoola packaging) and a light sweep of product would not create a harsh look. Instead, it creates a buildable, sun-kissed glow (leaving sparkle up to a highlighter, should you feel like using one).

Two areas I love using this product on that I would have never guessed when I first started doing my makeup (well) are my eyes and forehead. Applying a light layer of this compact bronzer along my eyelids, waterline, and hairline really brings my whole look together for a complementary tone throughout.

Contouring was my next triumph. Using a small, angled compact brush, Hoola can shape and define my nose into a cute Snapchat-filter button nose and, with a slightly bigger angled brush, carve out my cheekbones. 

Being able to build up shimmer-free color and be moved around once it’s placed is a quality not many bronzers can claim. It’s one of the many reasons why it’s a staple in my makeup bag. Plus, it just won an Allure Best of Beauty Award for 2020.

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Source: Allure, Author: Talia Gutierrez

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