PS5 showcase event: Start time, how to stream online and what to expect

We’re getting “one more look” at the PS5’s launch games, but hopefully we’ll also get our first look at the console’s release date and price.


We’re mere hours away from Sony’s PlayStation 5 “showcase” an event designed to reveal more of the next-gen console games we hope to be playing on the PS5 when it’s finally released. We’re extremely hopeful the company will also reveal the PS5’s price and release date, after its rival Microsoft spilled the beans on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S last week.

“Before PlayStation 5 launches this holiday, we wanted to give you one more look at some of the great games coming to PS5 at launch (and beyond!),” Sony wrote in its blog post.

Start Time

The PS5 event will take place …


1 p.m. PT on Wednesday, Sept. 16

4 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 16


9 p.m. BST on Wednesday, Sept. 16


6 a.m. AEST on Thursday, Sept. 17

How to watch online

Sony will be streaming the event live on its official site here, but you can expect Sony to also host that livestream on its YouTube channel and its Twitch channel.

We’ll also embed the livestream on this page, so you’ll be able to watch the PS5 showcase event right here.

What to expect

Considering Microsoft laid all its cards on the table regarding the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, you’d have assume Sony will provide a price and release date for the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition. We’re getting close to the holiday season, so it’d be nice to know how much the consoles will cost.

We can also expect to see more footage of games shown in previous PS5 livestream events. Hopefully that means more Horizon Forbidden West and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. We might even get to see more of that juicy Demon’s Souls remake. 

Rumours are also swirling that we could see a major Final Fantasy announcement being made at the PS5 showcase event. 

Personally I just want to see some sort of From Software reveal. Let’s get some Elden Ring action please.

Source: CNET News, Author: Sean Keane

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