The Best Creams and Tools for Removing Hair: Creams, Wax, and More

Getting rid of hair on your body can be frustrating and painful, especially since no two bodies are the same. Hair can be curly or straight, dark or light, coarse or fine. Shaving is popular because it’s an easy method that provides instant results, but for some people (including me), it’s more of a nuisance.

I have stubborn, sensitive skin that gets razor burn and ingrown hairs. My skin gets so itchy between shaves that I’ve drawn blood by mindlessly scratching. I set out to find alternatives to make my life easier and, hopefully, yours too. I also need to say you absolutely do not need to get rid of your body hair. It’s a personal choice, whatever the norm.

If you’re worried about the hair on your head, see our how-tos on cutting and dyeing your hair at home. Also, check out our ultimate guide to self-care for other grooming tips.

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Source: Wired, Author: Medea Giordano

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