Hilary Duff’s Husband, Matthew Koma, Tattooed Her Name On His Butt And Posted It On Instgram

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“Good luck winning a fight with your wife when her name’s tattooed on your butt cheek.”

Okay. SO. You know Hilary Duff, of course.

And perhaps you also know Hilary’s husband, musician Matthew Koma.

Well, Matthew just decided to declare his love for Hilary in the most permanent way possible — by getting her name tattooed on his butt.

He just shared a picture of the new tat on Instagram, and y’all…it is SOMETHIN’ ELSE:

He’s now got Lizzie McGuire tattooed on his booty for all of eternity. (Bonus points for the tasteful censoring of his butt crack with peach emojis.)

And just in case there was any confusion about which Hilary his butt is referring to, he tagged @hilaryduff right on the cheek.

“Good luck winning a fight with your wife when her name’s tattooed on your butt cheek,” he wrote in the caption of his post.

In the comments, Hilary herself showed up to weigh in on the new ink.

“Finest tiniest booty around,” she wrote, along with the hashtag #youstucknowboy.

This is actually not the first time Hilary and Matthew have shared some ~intimate~ details about their marriage on Instagram. Last year, when Hilary posted a picture of herself dressed as Lizzie McGuire on the set of Disney’s reboot…

Matthew left THIS comment underneath her pic. (I’m guessing he would play the role of Gordo…?)

Anyway. I digress. Very happy for Hilary and Matthew’s happiness!!! You can check out the couple’s tattoo reveal below:

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