Saturday Surfing, Sep. 26, 2020

Rise and shine, morning glory! Good morning! I may or may not have just ingested what may, technically, be described as a dessert for breakfast, and while part of me feels like I shouldn’t tell you about this cake from Trader Joe’s because its health benefits are…beyond questionable, another part of me does because it’s SO DANG DELICIOUS.

I don’t know what’s going on with this brownie pumpkin blondie confection, but it’s crazy addictive. It’s so good that you have to close your eyes when you take a bite. It’s that serious!

If a pumpkin cake met a carrot cake that met a white chocolate/slash pecan fantasy, this would be their progeny. Like…I’m not normally into white chocolate chips, but I’m all over them in this. Normally, I’m not a fan of chocolate and pumpkin together, but they are WORKIN’ here.

Mmm… The crumb is so light it just melts in your mouth. Perfect with a cup of hot coffee.

So, yeah! You’ll either love me or hate me because I told you about this. 😁 Or, maybe you’ll love AND hate me, hahaha! Now I realize why this was the last box on the shelf when I saw it at TJ’s. People are addicted!

Anyhow…I hope you’re eating cake for breakfast this morning, even if it isn’t this one. Here are your beauty stories for the week. 🙂

Why cats love boxes, according to science!

What sorcery is this?


So soothing…

Note to self…

I’m ready for you, baby Yoda,

Just in case your cat needs to chill-the-eff out


So I’m working on my yard yet again this weekend. It’s the neverending story of my life right now, but it’s almost done. We put down the white marble chips last week, so this is the home stretch. Now I have to track down a big blue ceramic pot for a lemon tree and look at pavers… #adulting!

What you got going on today? Besides eating cake for breakfast?!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Source: Makeup and Beauty Blog | Makeup Reviews, Swatches and How-To Makeup, Author: Karen

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