Halsey Replies To People Thirsting Over Brother Sevian

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I was approximately today years old when I learned that Halsey had a hot younger brother, 21-year-old Sevian.

We love this candid, sitting on an Infinity moment:

And this laying in the grass serve:

Anyway, fans on Twitter discovered Sevian’s socials and thirsted over him:

Like, Halsey is one of the most tapped-into-social-media celebs ever, so she was bound to see the thirsting that was happening.

Well, Twitter user @cherriflavoured — who Halsey follows!! — tweeted this about Sevian, LOL:

And Halsey saw it. I’m dying. “I KNOW y’all aren’t thirsting over my brother on my own damn feed,” she said.

i KNOW y’all aren’t thirsting over my brother on my own damn feed

Her fans’ responses were amazing:

@halsey Listen who allowed y’all to look that good???!! It’s not our fault we have EYES.

LMAO. We stan a celeb who uses social media like us, puts out bops, and has a hot brother. BYE!

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