Tracee Ellis Ross’ Called Out a Photoshopped Picture of Her Own Butt

It must be really weird to be a famous person and see your own face and body plastered all over televisions and advertisements and social media accounts that aren’t yours every single day. It must be even weirder when your face and body pop up in those places and they’re photoshopped to the point that you just don’t look like you. That’s exactly what happened to Tracee Ellis Ross, who shared an unfortunate case of photoshop to her Instagram story on September 28.

The story showed two versions of the same picture side by side of Ross in a vinyl black catsuit — one of which depicts her with a slightly bigger rear end. The original photo is from all the way back from 2015, when Ross co-hosted the BET Awards. The altered version started going viral on September 27 when it appeared on a fan’s Twitter account (although it’s unclear who actually edited the photo). As off-putting as the situation must’ve felt, Ross chimed in with a hilarious response.

“Looks like someone tried to round me up to the nearest dollar,” she wrote about the before and after on her Instagram story. For good measure, she even added a few stickers of arrows pointing to her photoshopped butt.

Courtesy of Instagram/@traceeellisross

Source: Allure, Author: Nicola Dall’Asen

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