Allure Korea’s 24 Favorite K-Beauty Products of the Year

Just as we’ve done for nearly 25 years now, Allure Korea also selects the top products for its own Best of Beauty Awards. Its winners come from brands all around the world, too — not just South Korea. However, this year, Allure Korea decided to spotlight the innovations coming out of their country and teamed up with our editors here in the U.S. for a special, new K-beauty award. 

Back in April, Allure Korea editors sent five of our editors dozens of Korean beauty products to test out and introduced us to ones we’ve never seen before, as well as new brands. Together, we picked the Allure Korea’s Best of Beauty K-beauty winners. They fall into five different categories: sensitive skin, glass skin, kuanku makeup, special ingredients, and innovations. The latter is like Allure Korea’s version of breakthroughs. In this group, you’ll find what’s next in K-beauty, like freeze-dried hyaluronic acid and custom sheet masks. 

Sensitive skin has its own selection of winners due to the rising popularity of products labeled for the skin type in Korea. More and more people are dealing with redness and inflammation as a result of the high concentrations of fine dust in the air in Seoul. 

Glass skin, on the other hand, is more obvious. The phrase for smooth, clear, radiant skin has become synonymous with K-beauty. Allure Korea broke down these winners by the four key products Koreans seek out for achieving glass skin. 

Another pillar of K-beauty is natural-looking, effortlessly cool makeup known as “kuanku.” It’s basically Korea’s version of no-makeup makeup with MLBB lip stains, barely-there foundations, and clump-free mascaras. 

With the special ingredients category, Allure Korea wanted to address how powerful herbs, like centella asiatica and mugwort, aren’t just fads in Korea — they’re integral parts of the country’s culture. 

OK, now that you know the basics, here are the specifics on the Allure Korea Best of Beauty K-Beauty winners. 

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Source: Allure, Author: Devon Abelman

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