Hailey Bieber Bleached Her Eyebrows and Dyed Her Hair Brown — Photos

Hailey Bieber is known for her honey blonde hair and her strong, full dark brows, but as of Sunday, September 27, both signature beauty elements are gone.

As noted by The Daily Mail, Hailey was spotted in Milan rocking a dark brunette hair color and totally bleached-out brows — a major departure from her usual California glow. The model kept her entire look dark and moody, wearing her trusty black leather coat, black trousers, and black strappy heels. She finished the ensemble with a black face mask, a pair of dark sunglasses, and some gold hoops.

Robino Salvatore/GC Images/Getty
Robino Salvatore/GC Images/Getty

What’s behind the extreme makeover? Well, it’s likely for a Milan Fashion Week show. Hailey is currently in the legendary fashion city to work, though we’re not sure which show required the drastic change. It’s not uncommon for models walking in runway shows to have to make a few changes to their go-to look come Fashion Week, though the dark hair and bleached brows is a big change for a high-profile model like Hailey. It’s worth noting that the model has bleached her brows before, too. In 2016, she shared the process with her Snapchat followers during London Fashion Week.

Earlier in September, Hailey talked about her brow journey with Elle magazine, saying that she has an affordable trick to helping them grow. “When I was a teenager, I plucked my eyebrows really badly. I went through that phase where I thought a thin eyebrow was the way to go,” she shared. “So after I went through that, I let them grow in thick and not really have a shape. Once they came back in, I started slowly getting them shaped. I do think castor oil does help them to grow. When I was trying to get them to grow back in, I put castor oil on them every night.”

We’re pretty sure the bleached brows are just a temporary look for her, but we can’t wait to see how she debuts the drastic makeover on a (socially distant) runway.

This story originally appeared on Teen Vogue.

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