I Tried the Lash-Liner Glue That’s All Over TikTok | Review

This lash glue liner isn’t a pen, though. The applicator system is more like that of a lip gloss. The wand floats into a pot of black adhesive-meets-liner, so it won’t dry out unless you run out. Because it has a thicker handle and the pigment pools on the felt tip, it may be intimidating some and harder to maneuver, but it’s pretty effortless to paint on in one stroke. If you can apply a product like the Marc Jacobs Highliner Liquid Gel Eyeliner, then you’ll be just fine. Once again, my first placement was wonky, so I peeled it off and restuck it on. Some of the pigment was picked up along the way but not too much that I had to reapply the liner. 

I realize now I’m partial to the black glue because it makes the strips look less obvious, especially if they have a black band. Seeing exactly where the glue was also helped me know where exactly to place the falsies. Also, because it’s black, you can wing it outward just as you would with any other black liquid liner. It quickly dries down to a matte finish just the same. You’d never know the line doubled as lash glue. 

The Lash Glue Liner Verdict 

So I liked both. They equally convinced me to wear fake eyelashes more often. To make your lash glue liner choice a little bit easier, you need to assess the falsie vibe you usually go for. If you like to pair them with flicks or have hooded eyes, the Velour Lash & Go is your best bet. For simple black lines or those who prefer clear adhesive, the Kiss Lash Glue Liner will do the trick. 

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