What We Do in the Shadows Teases Season 3

Viva Guillermo!

Viva Guillermo!
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Most of 2020 has outright sucked, but at least we got a brilliant season of What We Do in the Shadows—and news of another on the way. Though season three hasn’t started filming yet, the FX show’s New York Comic Con panel did unearth a few tantalizing hints about what to expect when the show returns.

Series stars Matt Berry (Laszlo), Kayvan Novak (Nandor), Natasia Demetriou (Nadja), Harvey Guillén (Guillermo), Mark Proksch (Colin Robinson), and (very briefly) the creepy Nadja doll, joined executive producers Paul Simms and Stefani Robinson to look back at their Emmy-nominated second season and ponder what the vampire roommates might be doing in a pandemic (Nandor would be ordering food and eating the delivery guy, Novak suggested; Proksch said energy vampire Colin Robinson would definitely be walking around without a mask and feasting on all the tension that would stir up).

As for season three, the panel was pretty tight-lipped, but we did get a few fun teases. “If you enjoy the idea of Colin Robinson singing, you’re going to be very happy with the third episode this season. That’s all I can tell you,” Simms said. “And that’s news also for Mark, by the way.”

As fans will recall, season two introduced some new supernatural creatures, including witches, ghosts, and a troll—and Simms there’ll be more to come in season three (but don’t hold out hope for any leprechauns; “for some reason, Jemaine [Clement, WWDITS creator] was very anti-leprechaun, for no reason other than he just didn’t think they would exist in this world,” Robinson said).

“I’m looking at the big board here that has all the scripts for next season. I think we meet at least three to four new kinds of creatures, I’m not saying what they are, except for the hellhounds,” Simms said, before sharing a few more season three hints. “I won’t say where they’re going, but there’s a whole episode where vampires go on a road trip to a place they don’t usually go, which is very difficult because for a vampire to travel they have to carry the soil of their homeland to put under their bed when they sleep.”

Also: “There’s a big, important birthday for Colin Robinson, I think we can say,” he added. “And there is a sort of theme in this season of Nandor looking for love, because he’s been alone for such a long time. And also there’s some funny little ways that characters we’ve met along the way come back—Sean the next-door neighbor features prominently in one or two episodes in a very funny way.”

No word yet on when we might get to see all that on What We Do in the Shadows season three, but it’ll be here eventually. Make sure you watch to the very end of the panel (or skip to around 29:20) for what’s probably the only leprechaun representation you’ll ever see in the series—plus a cameo from Laszlo’s bartender alter ego, the one and only Jackie Daytona.

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