Apple announces smaller HomePod mini

Apple has announced a new version of its HomePod smart speaker, the HomePod mini — a smaller version of the original that shrinks down the original model into a more compact size.

Like the full-size HomePod, the HomePod Mini still features a mesh fabric exterior in both black and white colors, along with a small display on top to show the Siri waveform. The new model is more of a short, spherical shape, however, instead of the more oblong design of the original.

The original HomePod cost $349 when it first launched in 2018, making it far more expensive than any of Amazon’s Echo or the Google Home speakers. That high price, combined with the Apple-only limitations of the original (which only worked with Apple Music, a problem that Apple is only now fixing with iOS 14 this fall), made it a tough sell, especially when compared to cheaper and more capable Google and Amazon alternatives.

Developing… we’re adding more to this post, but you can follow along with our Apple iPhone 12 live blog to get the news even faster.

Source: The Verge – All Posts, Author: Chaim Gartenberg

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