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  1. A Nice Girl Like You – why would a guy wrap himself in a blanket as if he's ashamed to be seen by the girl he was just smashing? Perhaps the director should have just left that scene out. Not that I was checking anyways. It's just a scene that doesn't make much sense.

  2. Attraction 2 Invasion huh?! But white people what's wrong with being invaded by other more superior white supremacists from beyond the stars? I laugh at the irony of that trailer. How white supremacists on earth have a problem with being dominated by more superior white people with more superior technology. One would think the white earthlings would embrace that upgraded regime.

  3. I hate how film making industry went woke and destroyed everything i know with their virtue signaling. I'm genuinely curious about Warrior Nun though because (from the trailer at least) i feel someone been listening. Women lead done right! Some ORIGINAL content and it looks dope. Who would've thought that creativity could go hand in hand with diversity… Refreshing.

  4. 0.5% of ~8Billion people , =4 billion .
    4 billion(survivors) x 1000 (dead)= 4 trillion people (survivors + dead)
    logic 2(simple)
    Now if exactly .5% survived , then for every one person alive , only one died.

  5. Capone was utterly dreadful..Had so much hope with Tom Hardy as Capone and it was a convoluted mess. His makeup in the film was dreadful too. Not sure if they intended his eyes to look like a reptile but they did!

  6. So let me get this straight. On this Earth Ralph Fiennes formed the Kingsman. On another Earth he became the head of MI6. The next sequel will be The Kingsman the Multiverse.

  7. OOH nice its been a while sense the last END OF THE WORLD movie. I think the last one was 2012? Infamous sound like something a teenager would do. Why would you want evidence of your crime lol its just a bad idea. Wow so original another movie where Christians are wrong and are sinful haven't seen this one a million times lol

  8. You all are still worshiping (paying, buying, watching, gossiping etc.) the pedophiles of Hollywood? Why haven't you all done your research? Do you just love all those actors, actresses, producers, directors etc. who are satanic pedos, is that what it is? Maybe next life you'll do much more than just ignore reality? Maybe. *Do the research or remain thriving the pedos of Hollywood. At some point, history will expose it all and you don't want to be exposed as a pedo supporter, do you?

  9. Sometimes I wonder why society is the way it is and why people my age just behave like shit and then I see trailers for movies that literally tell you that there's something incredibly wrong with you if you're not an overly horny teenager that has nothing but sex on their mind and put away any sign of brain activity to fuck literally anyone who crosses paths with you… This isn't what we should be teaching children, that's not what life is about or how it works, you can be a genius, the best painter or musician in the world or whatever, but don't you ever dare not hook up with your whole town. Really? Guys, don't you ever take those movies seriously, life is so much more than that (even tho it's still not great) and I'm honestly shocked at how sexualized movie culture has become.

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