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Hey friends!! I’m coming to you in real time today and it feels like the good ol’ days of blogging when I would pop in after breakfast, lunch and dinner to chat with you guys. Have any of you been around long enough to remember those days? I’m not going to lie, I miss them a bunch and love the way they felt off-the-cuff, conversational and far from Pinterest perfect. I still try to share blog posts in this vein on the blog through my day-in-the-life posts and weekend recaps but there’s something I miss about in-the-moment blogging. I’d love to try to bring it back every now and then when I have a window to make it work if it’s of interest to you guys.


I was up a little after 4 a.m. today thanks to our littlest dude. While that sounds early, I am definitely not complaining because Rhett is now consistently sleeping for at least one 4 hour stretch per night and it is making a world of difference for this mama. Those first six weeks were brutal so any improvement on the sleep front feels like a ginormous gift. As far as Rhett’s reflux is concerned, it’s still something we’re dealing with and nothing seems to be making a huge difference other than time and keeping him upright for a while after feedings. I’m just grateful he’s a “happy spitter” and doesn’t seem bothered by the spit up. (Gas and burps, on the other hand, make him scream. Ooph!)

I tried my best to nurse and rock Rhett back to sleep but after placing him in his bassinet only to have his eyes immediately fly open, I threw in the towel and pulled him into bed with me for some morning cuddles until we headed downstairs. Rhett supervised breakfast 1.0 (peanut butter on a piece of bread) and preschool lunch-making and we hung out together until Ryan was done with his workout.

Now that I’m eight weeks postpartum and getting a little more sleep, I am hoping to make consistent exercise a part of my life again. Ryan and I have come up with a bit of a trade-off system so we can both get in a morning workout while the other one is on kid duty with Rhett and the big boys’ monitor.

Ryan finished his workout a little after 6 a.m. and after passing off the baby, I headed into the garage for a 25 minute workout. I was excited to begin day one of a new postpartum workout plan I’m following from @trainerpaige.

I recently purchased her 12 week postpartum program after following her on Instagram for years. Paige is a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate her educated and safe approach to fitness and postpartum recovery. When I learned Paige offers a 12 week postpartum workout program earlier this summer, I kept it in the back of my mind just in case quarantine was still going on and I wasn’t comfortable returning to boot camp classes. Fast forward several months and all of that certainly applies, so I bought her program and kicked things off today with a deload workout that emphasizes recovery with lighter weights. (I’ll be in the deload phase for two weeks before progressing.) The workout was easy (that was the intent!) and it felt good to move my body.

I grabbed a quick shower after my workout and tagged in with Rhett and Chase (Ryder was still sleeping) so Ryan could head up to our bedroom to kick off his work day. As Rhett snoozed in my arms, Chase and I read a few chapters from his latest book. During a family trip to Barnes & Noble yesterday, Ryan saw The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian chapter book on display and we instantly bought the first two books in the series. The books are inspired by Chase’s all-time favorite children’s podcast and we had a feeling he’d love them. So far the first book is a slam dunk and I have a feeling we’ll be ordering the third book in the series in no time.

Story time ended once Ryder was up and we spent the rest of the morning eating breakfast and playing around the house before it was time to head out to preschool drop off.

(Rhett was not a fan of the stroller stopping for this pic at preschool drop off. He’s in the throws of the “keep things moving to keep baby happy” phase of life.)

After hugging Chase goodbye, Rhett, Ryder and I made our way to Great Clips for a haircut for Ryder.

Tomorrow is picture day at school and Ryder’s hair seems to grow at warp speed, so a haircut was on my “must” list for the morning. He did great and looks awfully cute with his new ‘do!

Once we arrived home, I was determined to spend a few hours outside since the weather is so gorgeous today! I strapped Rhett into my favorite baby carrier and Ryder was more than a little psyched to find himself in the driver’s seat of the Power Wheels Jeep for our morning adventure. We made our way around the neighborhood and stopped plenty of times to check out the million things that capture a toddler’s interest.

Ryder’s little hands on his lap in the above pic kill me. He looks so darn happy to be driving his brother’s Jeep!

Once we arrived back home, I left a sleeping Rhett in the carrier and made myself an egg white and oatmeal protein pancake with shredded zucchini, cacao nibs, ground flaxseed and raw pumpkin seeds added to the mix and ate it standing up and rocking around to keep Rhett nice and happy.

I spent the rest of the morning with my two littlest boys and played trains, read more books, ate a muffin and a million cashews (hello nursing hunger!) and made a sorry attempt at dinner prep before it was time to pick Chase up from preschool. I managed to get Ryder settled in his crib for his nap and Rhett snoozing in his swing before it was time for pickup so I left Ryan with a baby monitor and he brought his laptop downstairs to be close to Rhett so I could quickly grab Chase and head home without loading and unloading everyone again. (A small perk of quarantine.)

Chase raved about his day because he and a few other kids found WORMS on the playground. Creature Man Chase could not have been more excited, though he did tell me one of the kids thought it was funny to kill the bugs he found which made Chase feel sad. To quote Chase, “He would not be a very good Creature Man.” Womp, womp.

Once we made it home, I re-plated what Chase didn’t eat from his lunch along with a few other snacks and reheated leftover lentil and chicken dal for lunch for myself.

Now I’m doing my best to fly through this blog post so I can share it in real time with you guys (no small feat with three kiddos, I’m tellin’ ya!) since Chase is listening to his podcast during quiet time and I have two sleeping little ones. I know this window of peace won’t last for long, so it’s time to press publish and wish you all a Happy Monday! Enjoy the rest of your week, my friends!

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