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I’m really trying to embrace each season I’m in… no matter what it looks like or how uncomfortable it is! Winters have always been hard for me  (whether it’s rain, snow or just shorter days) but this year I’m trying to live fully in the season, ground down, cozy up and stick to my rituals.

One of those rituals is journaling! So what better way to process the start of winter than with some journal prompts to help ground.

10 Journal Prompts for Grounding

1. Who are you grateful for in this season of life?

2. What is your current morning routine?

3. What is your current evening routine?

4. Does either routine need to shift to help ground you in the moment?

5. In what ways did you see the beauty of this season today?

6. How can you connect with someone you love this week?

7. What do you need in this season?

8. What is your ideal winter day?

9. What are your favorite parts of this season?

10. What would bring you more comfort today?

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Source: The Healthy Maven, Author: Davida Lederle

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