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  1. Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
    0:05 – TEENAGE BADASS (2020) Comedy
    1:56 – ON THE ROCKS (2020) Bill Murray, Rashida Jones
    4:02 – JUSTICE LEAGUE SNYDER CUT (2021) Teaser
    4:43 – CLAW (2020) Velociraptor Horror
    6:18 – WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020) Teaser
    6:33 – THE PUBLIC (2020) Emilio Esteves, Alec Baldwin
    8:58 – ABYSSAL SPIDER (2020) Horror
    13:07 – ROBIN’S WISH (2020) Robin Williams Documentary
    12:59 – BEFORE THE FIRE (2020) Pandemic Thriller

  2. I have prostate cancer like quite a few old guys my age, but I try to keep a philosophical outlook a joke, to get a smile or a laugh as feedback to make light of my little problem. In my own way it's how I cope with cancer, although by now I've had two carcinomas removed and my treatment for prostate cancer hasn't started yet, I look in awe of Robin Williams and how he in some ways coped with his problems. Courage comes at a cost. Robin Williams made me and millions of others forget their worries , I am forever thankful " He will be missed in his ever present absence".

  3. Why is this channel promoting China CCP paid for movies, is this channel starting to promote China for some reason, perhaps its being slowly taken over by the CCP promoting such an evil government, any money paid to watch China movies ends up directly in the hands of the CCP government.

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