Darkwing Duck Is Getting a Reboot on Disney Plus

Darkwing Duck from the new DuckTales.

Darkwing Duck from the new DuckTales.
Image: Disney

Everyone’s favorite screw-up hero is finally getting his own show again.

As reported by Variety, Darkwing Duck is getting a new series at Disney Plus. The series, currently in early development, doesn’t have much in the way of writers or directors attached, or actors for that matter. But we know about the production staff: Seth Rogen, his long-time collaborator Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Alex McAtee are all attached to produce. Weaver and McAtee are both collaborators of Rogen’s as well, working with Rogen’s Point Grey Pictures production house.

Curiously, the report doesn’t mention whether or not the new version of Darkwing Duck would tie in with the version of the hero currently iterated in the rebooted DuckTales universe. Over the past couple of seasons, DuckTales has introduced Darkwing Duck, first as an in-universe fictional hero, then as a real hero, with Gosalyn Mallard even getting her proper introduction (albeit not a Mallard) recently. It seems like the most natural route for a Darkwing Duck show would be as an expansion of that existing universe—I sort of assumed that was the point of all the Darkwing appearances—but perhaps not.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first Disney property to get a distinct Disney Plus reboot, at any rate. As Variety points out, High School Musical has already gotten the treatment, with Doogie Howser also expecting the treatment. And whether or not this version of the hero ties into the existing animation work or does something else entirely, we’re going to have more opportunities to get dangerous in the future. That’s a good thing, no matter how you cut it.

Darkwing Duck is currently in early production.

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