The Best Upcoming ACTION Movies 2020 & 2021 (Trailers)

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  1. Hey! Has anyone read the book Proxima Centauri b on amazon? I know I know we all watch youtube or netflix, but i really got into this book. Its a sci fi action thriller and there is talk of it being made into a movie. The best way to find it is Googling Proxima Centauri b Mike LeBlanc

  2. Wonder woman, j'espere vraiment qu'il sera aussi bien que la bande annonce. En dehors du cinéma, je déteste cette actrice pour son ideologie, mais elle colle quand même bien a ce rôle de Wonder Woman. J'ai été un peu dessus du manque d'action dans le premier, mais ca n'a pas l'air d'être le cas pour le deuxième.

  3. This Movie, and Movies just like this, leave a bad message as well as its teaching that there are evil people out there, but it's affecting the common boy that's just a sweetheart, his feelings get the best of him, say a few things he eventually wishes he hadn't, and movies like this make, others, especially the one he loves to possibly envision this when they truly don't know who or what that person is, if anyone understands cool, but this can affect things that are not even related to dangers such as this.

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