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Our promise:

An Ad-Free, Full-Privacy Social Network. Help us bring it to life and put “Social” back into “Social Media”

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How is it different?

Our promise: Full Privacy, no Ads!

Did you know that every post you share, every friend you make, and every link you follow is tracked, recorded, and converted into data. Advertisers buy your data so they can show you more ads. You and your thoughts, ideas and work are the product that’s bought and sold.

This project started from the ever-growing need for privacy, so that’s why it’s different. Peek Jar doesn’t have a classic ads system, we will never listen to your conversations or watch what you like: never use your data to create your usage profile and serve or retarget you with ads.

It’s all about you, the user and your friends. A safe place to interact, bond, discover new people and share anything, just like any other Social Network you love. But private πŸ™‚

You should not be the product, but the owner.

Control your Timeline. See only the content you want. Get recommendations from interest categories you choose. Change your interests at any time.

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Granular privacy settings

Share only what you want about yourself, download and delete any information stored on Peek Jar. At any time.


There is no usage tracking and no ads system on the platform so you can enjoy an all-organic experience with your friends.

Easy registration and login

No username to remember or struggle to find, just register with a password and think about your username later.

Take control of your Timeline

Filter what you want to see today: Post from friends or from businesses you follow? What do you want to see? Just Pictures and Video, only Blog posts or a mix of anything?

Express yourself

Write a Blog or start a Podcast. Or both. It's all in one platform, for free.

Support Peek Jar

Love the Ad-free & Private experience? Support Peek Jar with a Premium account and get more features.


All organic

The platform is all organic and user generated. Be active, create, engage and get recognised with badges up to the famous “Verified”.

Being a full organic platform, content and engagement work hand-in-hand to make or break a post. Be yourself and share what you love and friends will follow and react. The points system that awards the badges will take into account your own activity on the platform, as well as your connection’s reactions and engagement with your posts.

Multi-language support

Use Peek Jar and create in your own language

At launch, PJ will only be available in English, with planned development for additional support for 14 languages in 2021. Stay tuned for new features news on the PJ Blog.

Peek Jar Social Network World Wide

Community driven

We listen and implement

Test and give feedback. We guarantee that your message will reach us and we’ll ask everyone else to vote the feature you requested. Get ready to see your favourite Social Media Network come to life.

Privacy-First & No Ads

The idea is here to stay, now we need your help to bring it to life.

Kickstarter Campaign Stage 1

The first stage of the project is already on Kickstarter, visit the project and back it if you love our platform concept. Come back here to see the progress in realtime.

Research - Stage 1

We have the list of features, now we're researching the best way to implement them. Starting with the most important of all: Full privacy.

Social Network

Right now, the giants are more of an ``Ads Network`` than a ``Social Network``. Let's put the Social back in Social Network.

We are many!

We are many and we are not the product, we are the people. Let’s get our privacy back and connect with friends and business the right way: organic, with no usage tracking and no ads every 2 posts πŸ™‚

Visit our project on Kickstarter and back it or spread the word with a share (it’s free) πŸ˜€

PJ on Kickstarter

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